Your Parking Lot May be Keeping You From More Business

Have you ever been to a shopping center that has maybe one or two businesses left in it where the trees look diseased, and the parking lot is stained with oil spots and/or potholes?

Did you hesitate in going into either of those businesses, because you wondered how clean it was going to be inside? This is an assumption that is actually made by a large number of consumers.

Think about it. You walk into a dirty store to buy something; you are expecting a dirty product. Customers are repelled by a dirty, cluttered, outdated-looking store. A 2019 report compiled by ServiceChannel states 64% of shoppers surveyed said they had walked away from a store due to poor physical appearance and disorganization. Many of those customers will go to a similar competitor that has maintained their store’s cleanliness and appearance, inside and out.

How does your businesses exterior look? The simplest thing, like power washing the parking lot, can actually change the mindset by 50% of a potential client or consumer. That percentage increases when both the parking lot and the exterior of the commercial building are cleaned,

Now what if you clean the parking lot and notice that the striping has faded so badly it turns the parking lot into the wild wild west of parking? Not to fear! Parking lots that are previously cleaned are easier to re-seal and paint, allowing the investment of re-striping it to last longer!

Most professional pressure washing companies like Exterior Cleaning Unlimited can actually get the monumental job of cleaning your parking area done while still allowing some spaces to be utilized during the work day to avoid work-traffic slow down.

What if you are leasing your commercial store/office and you see that the property management is not really doing this? If this is the case, you will want to approach your Property Manager with a request to have the property parking and building cleaned. You can even offer an introduction to a pressure washing company, like Exterior Cleaning Unlimited. You will want to find a professional company that can offer not only pressure washing, but a soft washing option also. Soft washing the building and roof may be all that is needed. A cleaning maintenance for the parking lot is a more economical option and will likely be a winning solution for the property management company.

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