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Top 6 Most HOA Complaint Items For Homeowners

We have all heard about them, and if you are reading this, you likely live in a development governed by one — A Homeowners Association (HOA).
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Savvy homeowners like living in a place where home values are stable, and there is peace and security in well-manicured subdivisions. Having a governing body overseeing the maintenance of common ground areas and keeping a watchful eye on code compliance in your neighborhood are valuable services discerning homeowners are willing to pay for.

HOAs vary in their rules and regulations as well as the enforcement tactics used to keep all properties in compliance. There are standard rules: house design/color, lawn maintenance, parking, patio/balcony cleanliness and short term rental restrictions. Then you have the bizarre: garage sale dress code, no blue trampolines, permits for plants, and no towel sharing to name a few. Stick to the rule book, and you will find HOA life keeps your property value at a premium.

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HOAs get a bad rap at times, but they are not all bad nor a bad idea. There is pride in ownership, property value awareness, camaraderie with neighbors who become life-long friends, and security when neighbors look out for one another. Exterior Cleaning Unlimited’s scheduled maintenance contracts free you up from worrying about HOA compliance, and keep you in harmony with the HOA and neighbors.

An online home warranty company, Cinch Home Services, ranked Florida No. 2 in the nation for the most HOA complaints. The top complaints were:

Parking – Don’t park your car in the driveway or on the street when you own a perfectly good garage. Plus, garage parking is the best case scenario for keeping your car safe and looking beautiful.
Lawn Care – Your grass is too tall! Keep it cut and edged. Your neighbors appreciate this as much as you do since it affects their home value.
Home Repairs – This is a fairly broad area for HOA scrutiny. For example, fix that aging awning, and we recommend a good soft wash from Exterior Cleaning Unlimited to eliminate mold, mildew and pollen discoloration, so it won’t become an eyesore in the future.
Fence – Fences take a beating from harsh sun exposure as well as sustain punishment from adverse weather, especially during hurricane season. Keep it in good repair and looking sharp. Professional power washes by Exterior Cleaning Unlimited avoid costly HOA fines.
Driveway – Pressure wash the driveway routinely and keep it free from any major cracks or pesky oil stains. The experts at Exterior Cleaning Unlimited know exactly how to maintain your driveway without damaging sealants and concrete paints.
Unauthorized Signs – The best advertising to beware of your dog is the dog itself. No sign is necessary.
Unauthorized Paint – Every neighborhood has that neighbor who buys the mistint 5-gallon buckets of paint on closeout. Don’t be that neighbor! Periwinkle with maroon trim looks like hot garbage next to homes with aesthetically pleasing earth tones. You don’t have to worry about cutting corners with reduced priced paints when Exterior Cleaning Unlimited can save you thousands in repainting expenses. Regularly scheduled home exterior soft washing services are effective and highly recommended.

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