The Hows And Whys To Maintaining A Healthy Horse Stall

Almost all of the equine population knows the importance of mucking a stall, but how often do we really think about what to do beyond mucking and hosing out the area?

While reading into how injuries happen to our horses in the stalls, the types of parasites that inevitably form over time, or the decline of healthy air in our stall, it can become quite overwhelming.

It is important to have good manure management. Some people harrow their paddocks, but this can kill the pasture and cause parasites to spread. According to Pennsylvania University, a far healthier and more effective solution is to collect the manure and compost it, using the compost to fertilize the paddock during pasture growing season. Clearing your paddock of manure benefits your horse’s health, because it breaks the life cycle of worms and helps lower the worm burden that can be brought into the stalls to mix with any hay and mud, resulting in a larger issue. Clean your paddocks regularly—especially graveled areas and spaces with high horse traffic. Cleaning your pastures at least twice a week is one of the most effective ways to reduce the internal parasite burden on your horses.

Hay is the most common source of mold spores that can attach to porous surfaces in the stalls. All hay will have some mold spores present. There are many types of mold living on the hay as it grows in the field. These spores come from what are typically referred to as “field fungi”. More dangerous spores are smaller and more easily inhaled. Surface spore growth will cause a decline in stall air quality. Keeping the interior stall walls, walkways and graveled areas pressure washed on a regularly scheduled basis can greatly assist in keeping your horse healthy. Exterior Cleaning Unlimited is aware of the importance of having a healthy horse, and they’re experienced in using non-toxic agents to clean stalls quickly.

Horses are investments. A horse stable must be maintained and monitored. Book a regular maintenance schedule allowing you more time to enjoy your happy and healthy equine investment. Call Exterior Cleaning Unlimited now at 352-207-0706!

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