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The Care and Maintenance of a Metal Roof

Depending on which material you use, installation practices and periodic maintenance with
inspection, metal roofs can last 40-75 years.


Exterior Cleaning Unlimited Metal Roof

In order to care for your metal roof, you should first know what metal material was put in place and the types of flaws or defects to be on the lookout for. Leaking, scratching, corrosion, scuffing, degradation and denting are the general issues found with metal roofs, but each type of roof has it’s own set of strengths and weaknesses.

The most common types of metal roofs are:

  • Aluminum – The most popular in Florida, aluminum does not corrode and is very lightweight, but it’s prone to denting. If water pools for too long, you risk rust forming around the fasteners, and that can lead to leaks and slow degradation of the roof. Because of it’s lightweight characteristic, professional soft washing is suggested to have it cleaned. Exterior Cleaning Unlimited are soft wash experts and will inspect your roof for any issues that may need addressing.
  • Copper – Besides being attractive, copper is the longest lasting of the metals. Although it is heavier than aluminum, it is still considered a lighter metal. It is corrosion resistant, so it takes a lot of damage to be in jeopardy of corroding. Copper does go through a color change, or Patina, as it is called. This is when copper turns into a blue-green or brownish color. Unfortunately, copper dents fairly easily. Having your roof inspected and cleaned by a professional pressure washing company like Exterior Cleaning Unlimited is wise since they know what damages are common with a copper roof.
  • Zinc – Not normally seen in the United States, Zinc is very similar to copper. When Zinc begins to form a blue-gray patina, the patina surface will keep the zinc material corrosion resistant. Power washing pros like Exterior Cleaning Unlimited will get the roof clean and clear from running water streaks to keep your zinc roof beautiful for a lifetime.
  • Galvanized/Tin – Due to excessive damage and frequent failure, galvanized/tin roofs are no longer available. Much of the trouble is caused by it’s light weight and inability to resist corrosion and rust. If you still have this type of roof, we recommend only sweeping off debris. Water cleaning should be deterred.
  • Steel – This is the heaviest of the metals, but still lighter than clay tiles. Steel can withstand stronger weather conditions and is tough to dent. It is more susceptible to corrosion; however, with professional care and power washing by Exterior Cleaning Unlimited, it is the most durable and cost-effective choice of all metal roofing types. The design options for steel are from smaller tiles to full sheets. These choices should be considered carefully as cleaning and repairing will differ based on region and tree coverage. Pressure washing methods for steel designs are consistent across the board. Annual cleaning and inspection are recommended. Contact Exterior Cleaning Unlimited now to set up regularly scheduled service on your steel roof!

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