Soft Wash vs Pressure Washing

You’ve looked at your property and noticed that exterior surfaces like your house, driveway, sidewalk and patio furniture are craving some clean-up.

Soft washing is technique which uses low-pressure water to safely clean exterior surfaces. When coupled with professional cleaning solutions, soft washing effectively kills mold, mildew, moss, algae, bacteria and other microorganisms at a molecular level while conserving water. The main difference between pressure washing and soft washing is the level of water pressure utilized. Pressure washing uses high-pressure water streams to blast away dirt and grime. Soft washing systems use a low-pressure power washer and cleaning solutions to clean surfaces. The cleaning solution mixture can simply be directed through the hose by the pump. The hose is then aimed at the surface to be cleaned, and the water mixture is discharged. This is a gentle yet effective way to clean a driveway, house and patio furniture without damaging them.

Did you know that when you pressure wash your driveway, you can actually damage it? This can occur when a high-pressure water stream strips away the top layer, leaving it vulnerable to future staining and damage. Employing soft washing techniques will avoid this damage and the pricetag of coating your driveway with a sealant to preserve the concrete.

When weighing out the expense of professionally pressure washing your home, the results are well worth it. A soft-washed house is much easier to maintain than a power-washed one and reduces the risk of potential damage to your home’s exterior surfaces. Exterior Cleaning Unlimited are soft wash experts. Call now to schedule an estimate!

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