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Should You Power Wash With Just Water?

If you have ever used a power washer, you see what the water can do to get rid of the dirt and grime. It’s amazing, but are you really getting it clean with just water?
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At first glance, it appears to look good enough, but could it be better? The answer is yes. Yes, it can be better and cleaner. Think about it – you have a dirty car. It rains, so the dirt should be gone, right? We have all seen those dingy white cars; just relying on the rain isn’t working for them. Why? Well, would you wash your clothes in just water? After time the clothes will start to look dull, not bright or white. The same concept needs to be thought of when cleaning any exterior areas.

Detergents and cleaning products used by professional pressure washing companies like Exterior Cleaning Unlimited contain enzymes to degrade protein-based stains, oxidizers that provide an energy source for chemical reactions and a bleach-like cleaning, and detergents that have hydrophobic or water-hating molecular chains and hydrophilic or water-loving components. The hydrophobic hydrocarbons are repelled by water but are attracted to oil and grease. The hydrophilic end of the same molecule means that one end of the molecule will be attracted to water, while the other side is binding to oil. This simply means that these detergents and cleaning products break down the unseen filth hiding on the surface, or just below. If oil & grease are broken down and washed away, those surfaces will be resistant longer and actually appear brighter and cleaner.

Save yourself from having to figure out what is the right concoction of chemical/detergent to use and then guess how much of it to apply without damaging any surfaces. Call now and schedule a professional pressure wash from a knowledgeable technician at Exterior Cleaning Unlimited and have confidence that the proper cleaning agents and methods are put in play!

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