Exterior Cleaning Unlimited Holiday Vistors

Get ready to welcome your holiday visitors with open arms and a sparkling clean home!

We all know that having family and friends over during the holidays can be both exciting and a little nerve-wracking

But fear not, because with a little preparation, you can avoid any potential critiquing by your in-laws or guests. This section will cover interior basics and safe & aesthetic exterior cleaning.

Let’s start by tackling some key areas that are sure to impress. First up, make sure your bathrooms are pristine. A thorough cleaning will ensure that your guests feel comfortable and at ease during their stay. Next, focus on clearing and organizing your kitchen. A clutter-free space will make meal preparations easier and gives the impression of a well-maintained home. Don’t forget about de-cluttering other areas of your house. Extra cleaning projects like baseboards, TV screens, bookshelves, and window sills always help stave off grandma’s white glove test. Take the time to clean out the fridge, creating space for holiday goodies and ensuring freshness for any leftovers.

Exterior Cleaning Unlimited Porch Roof

When it comes to preparing the guest bedroom, go the extra mile by disinfecting surfaces and providing fresh linens. Clear out closet space for wardrobe storage, and employ the use of night lights to keep navigation safe for people unfamiliar with the layout of your house. Your visitors will appreciate the thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

Now let’s move on to some exterior maintenance. Pressure washing is an excellent way to revive outdoor surfaces such as decks, patios, and driveways. It will give your home an instant facelift! With so many things to occupy your time in getting ready to celebrate the holidays, forget about DIY pressure washing. Leave all of the trouble to a professional pressure washing company like Exterior Cleaning Unlimited. We are experts at clearing gutters, and cleaning roofs, stoops, sidewalks, windows, and siding. These areas often accumulate dirt, grime, and slime from excessive wet leaves over time, but can be easily spruced up with a little know-how of professional equipment settings and use of effective cleaning agents.

Exterior Cleaning Unlimited Norman Rockwell House

By following these tips for preparing your home for holiday visitors, you’ll create a Norman Rockwell inspired atmosphere that will leave everyone feeling welcomed and impressed by your attention to detail. Exterior Cleaning Unlimited always keeps the safety of your family and friends at the forefront when helping prepare your home for incoming holiday vistors. Contact us today to set up a safety evaluation and cleaning game plan, so you can enjoy a joyous holiday season from Thanksgiving until New Years.

We offer the highest-quality pressure washing and exterior cleaning services to homes, horse farms and businesses!

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