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When it comes to cleaning your exterior areas with security camera systems, there are a few important things to keep in mind.
Exterior Cleaning Unlimited Camera With Junction Box

While these cameras may be water-resistant, it’s crucial to remember that water-resistant does not mean waterproof. Hiring a professional power washing company is the best-case scenario when it comes to protecting your surveillance investments.

Unexpected problems like transmission failure or water damage malfunctions can occur if proper precautions aren’t taken. That’s why weatherproofing your IP cameras is essential. Strategic placement of junction boxes and silicon connection covers are the first line of defense. Next, ensure your cameras are protected from anything stronger than low-pressure mists and light splashes. These simple preventative steps can prevent any potential damage.

Exterior Cleaning Unlimited Camera Connectivity

Another aspect to consider is connectivity issues. Power washing near the cameras could potentially disrupt their signal, causing temporary disconnections. A collection of moisture or invasion of a powerful water stream can be the demise of your security devices; however, by following some basic guidelines and taking necessary precautions, you can tackle this task without any worries. The use of soft washing techniques and mild cleaning agents when possible to avoid damage to the cameras are always a good idea. Harsh cleaning agents can leave a film that clouds night vision technology. Additionally, LED motion lights, sensitive lenses, and transmission components are at risk. Be mindful that electronics worst enemies are water and moisture.

Exterior Cleaning Unlimited Doorbell Camera Preparation

Go ahead and give your exterior areas with security camera systems a thorough clean! Just remember to monitor water pressure and take steps to protect your cameras from any potential malfunction or disengagement. To avoid the risk of damaging security surveillance equipment, hiring Exterior Cleaning Unlimited is highly recommended. Contact us today to schedule professional cleaning of your residential or commercial exterior surfaces with video surveillance systems in place.

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