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Please Don't Pressure Wash These!

Pressure washing is a quick and satisfying way to get the things you care for clean, but the following items are a big “No No” and a professional company like Exterior Cleaning Unlimited will let you know an alternative cleaning option for your items like soft washing.
Exterior Cleaning Unlimited Wood Damage

Wood – Stained, painted or natural wood is not a good candidate for pressure washing. Wood is considered a soft material that can be easily damaged by the powerful stream of water beating against it. Wood is very porous, and damage that may occur from a pressure washing may leave underlying dampness which can cause mold growth and permanently harm the integrity of the wood. When you need to get your wood items cleaned, please consult the experts at Exterior Cleaning Unlimited. We have the correct cleaning solution and tools to get the job done safely.

Electrical Items – The exterior air conditioning unit, exterior lights, electrical panel and electric meter should NEVER be cleaned by power washing. Contact Exterior Cleaning Unlimited for cleaning alternatives to insure no damage to anything electrical.

Exterior Cleaning Unlimited Gutter Cleaning

Gutters – Made mainly from light aluminum, gutters will tear and puncture with the jetting stream of water from a pressure washer. Having the gutters cleaned out by hand and soft washed is a better option in keeping your gutters in good working condition.

Items with Lead Paint – If you are wanting to power wash your home because the paint is chipping and you want to re-paint, you need to know if there is currently lead paint on your house. Pressure washing lead paint can cause chips to fly in all directions, exposing the lead toxins into the area around your home and can cause irreversible damage to plants and animals. Exterior Cleaning Unlimited can assist in knowing what paint is currently on your home or other painted items before they clean them. It is always a good idea to have a professional power washing company to keep your family and home safe from the unknown.

Brick Mortar – As brick and mortar age, both can become brittle, break away, chip or break down, causing weakness to the exterior walls. Exterior Cleaning Unlimited technicians take care in cleaning those surfaces with safe cleaning solutions and soft washing. Maintaining your brick correctly allows you to enjoy it’s strength and beauty for a very long time.

Windows – All windows, even the ones rated for hurricane strength winds can still break if subjected to the powerful psi stream of jetted water distributed with a pressure washer. Exterior Cleaning Unlimited uses soft wash clean those windows.

Exterior Cleaning Unlimited Car Soft Wash

Cars/Commercial Fleet – No matter how long it has been since you washed your car or fleet vehicles, or how much mud has built up on your truck, your vehicle should never be cleaned with a pressure washer. It will chip the paint and subject your vehicle to rust, further chipping and damage. If it is super dirty, or you don’t trust the mechanical car washes, give Exterior Cleaning Unlimited a call for a professional soft wash, and bring your vehicles back to their shining glory.

Asphalt Shingles – It is tempting to want to get black staining off the roof with some good, satisfying pressure washing, but don’t do it! Asphalt shingles are a softer material that can tear with the power of the water stream from pressure cleaning. The pros at Exterior Cleaning Unlimited have the correct cleaning solution to use with a soft wash to get that roof cleaned the right way and not cause costly damage to your roof!

Living Things – Plants, trees, ANY animal and humans. A pressure washer shoots water out at over 1500 psi. This will cut the flesh of any living thing. Please don’t! If you call Exterior Cleaning Unlimited, they takes kids and pet safety seriously.

We offer the highest-quality pressure washing and exterior cleaning services to homes, horse farms and businesses!

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