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How To Care For A Terracotta Roof

Whether you’ve invested in a new terracotta roof or purchased a home with a terracotta roof already in place, you are aware that professional care and scheduled maintenance are critical.
Exterior Cleaning Unlimited Aged Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles and shingles are formed clay that have been baked in a kiln to make them somewhat porous. They are waterproof and able to endure outside elements for as long as 75 years. Florida’s blistering summers and tropical storms are hard on any roof, thus making the average lifespan of a Terracotta roof 50 years in the Sunshine State; still making them a superior product versus conventional roofing shingles.

The estimated 50-year life expectancy is based on routine maintenance and keeping them in good condition. As with all man-made products, aging takes its toll on terracotta tiles and shingles, and flaws eventually reveal themselves.. Roof repairs sometimes have to be done in small patches; the same is true for terracotta roofing. Some crack and have to be replaced. Others slide out of position and have to be re-secured. A Terracotta roof will last longer if professionally soft washed on an annual basis.

Exterior Cleaning Unlimited Waterproof Terracotta

Choosing a professional power washing company like Exterior Cleaning Unlimited will ensure the job is done thoroughly and with effective cleaning agents. Improper cleaning solutions and walking on terracotta shingles/tiles can compromise the integrity of the roof and cause long-term damage. Exterior Cleaning Unlimited knows what solutions work best for soft washing and how to navigate your terracotta roof without causing damage. Cleaning a terracotta roof annually also gives our technicians a birds-eye view to inspect for any damaged, flawed, or displaced tiles which may need repair, allowing you to save money long-term and keep your roofing investment beautiful even longer.

Terracotta roof maintenance is Exterior Cleaning Unlimited’s specialty. Contact us today to schedule your annual soft washing and see for yourself why we are the go-to choice for professional exterior home maintenance.

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