Fleet and Semi Truck Washing Options

When your company owns a fleet of trucks, or you are an OTR owner/operator, a professional image of cleanliness and outward care for your mobile advertisement is of utmost importance.

Have you ever had the words “Wash Me” written on the back of one of your trucks? You’ve invested thousands of dollars on these million-mile machines, and having them turned into a mobile billboard of unmaintained filth is not a wise way to protect your investment or business image.

Like our own automobiles, regular oil changes, the wheel greasing, brake checks, tire rotations, etc. are smart maintenance choices. It is just as important to clean those big trucks and trailers. Sure, you can drive miles away to take it through an automatic wash, but you will see that all of the items that need detail and attention aren’t getting done very well. You also run the risk of that automated machine scratching your paint or damaging an antenna. You could also take two or three hours out of your day to use a self-service truck wash and get it clean enough. That is a lot of physical labor. Business owners who have a fleet of trucks will sometimes pay an automated truck wash company to allow their fleet drivers to drive the trucks through once or twice a month only to have the employees forget, run out of time or notice that the automated wash is missing areas of the truck that, after time, show dirt build-up in areas the automated machines are incapable of reaching. There is an alternative that can be as convenient as the automated washes and as thorough as the self-wash…a professional pressure washing company like Exterior Cleaning Unlimited.

Exterior Cleaning Unlimited can alternate between soft wash for areas like the engine compartment and windows to hard pressure for knocking away the hard, crusted areas of mud around the bottom exterior of the truck and steps. With all of the elements and terrain that your truck or fleet encounter, dust and grime can add to the demise of your investment and should be kept at bay as much as possible. Most professional pressure washing companies do not have the correct chemicals to use for fleet cleaning. Do not risk using a harsh dish soap option that will subject your truck to a break-down of protective glaze resulting fading or rust. Exterior Cleaning Unlimited has all of the right equipment and the best cleaning solutions in the business from Hydro-Chem to keep your fleet meticulous.

Regularly weekly or monthly scheduled maintenance is highly recommended to keep your fleet in tip-top shape and protect your shiny reputation of taking the proper measures to care for the cargo you haul as much as the freightliner it’s being carried in.. Contact Exterior Cleaning Unlimited to set up a professional pressure washing package today!

We offer the highest-quality pressure washing and exterior cleaning services to homes, horse farms and businesses!

We hope to be able to serve you and show you why Exterior Cleaning Unlimited should be your go to for all your Exterior Cleaning and Pressure Washing needs in Ocala, Gainesville, Williston, Dunnellon, Crystal River and The Villages.