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Can you pressure wash vinyl siding?

Pressure washing is the practice of using high pressure water to clean at approximately 3000 psi, which is a dangerous speed and can cause great damage if not used properly.
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If you are living in a home that has vinyl siding, is it safe to pressure wash it? Will it damage the material or peel the color off? These are viable questions. Let’s look into this…

Vinyl and polymer siding are basically plastic. Vinyl is PVC, and polymer is a synthetic resin. Both are hardy materials made to withstand very harsh environments. Without proper care, even hardy materials can get broken down prematurely and begin to show signs of aging or severe wear, leaving you with the hefty cost of repair or replacement long before the manufacturer’s 20-40 year expected lifespan is achieved. High pressure power washing is not recommended for vinyl siding as it is relatively easy to dent, and replacing individual damaged panels is not an easy DIY task. Exterior Cleaning Unlimited uses a low pressure soft washing technique to avoid damaging your home.

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Unlike aluminum siding, vinyl siding is made with its color already blended in, not heat sprayed on. So, cleaning it will not cause any color-fade or chipping. Due to the year-round humid climate in Florida, homes with vinyl siding are vulnerable to green algae and mildew which can quickly discolor or stain your exterior panels. The power washing technicians at Exterior Cleaning Unlimited know if you simply need a soft wash, or if additional cleaning agents are needed to prep the siding before washing. Exterior Cleaning Unlimited are experts at cleaning vinyl siding and keeping discoloration under control. Contact us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate or to book regularly scheduled maintenance for your vinyl-sided home.

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